the most terrifying thing possible


the most terrifying thing possible

the hysterical thing about tumblr feminism is that it constantly urges that one woman saying that something’s okay isn’t representative of all women but whenever people don’t agree with whatever is being preached at that moment in time they’re self-hating or have internalized misogyny

remember when georges threw rousseau out of the window

i studied review stuff for calculus for almost a full hour and then i thought of the notion of a quills music video set to “love game” and it was all over fucking hell walterhhwhite 

i am having some serious french revolution nostalgia like damn

eight pound bag of kitty litter

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knowing these professors feels like knowing famous people

then again somebody did see amanda palmer twice last week

also one faculty member actually is kind of??? famous and there’s this one guy who is obsessed with him and was talking about dyeing his hair to be the same color as prof’s so that when he gets there they’ll have something to talk about like bruh chill

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but honestly i saw the water tribe as being the avatar “equivalent” to the inuit peoples??

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ughhh my fucking phone is broken software-wise and i have to send it back for two weeks to have it fixed and until then i just have no goddamn phone although i’ll have like a cheap alternative to make calls with

someone won’t stop singing in the fucking common room

i’ve been REALLY tired and am probably going to go to sleep AGAIN despite sleeping for hours and hours yesterday and i only have 2 days of lyme medication left so i guess i’m not as cured as they think i should be

and it’s taking FUCKING FOREVER to get me set up with a lyme doctor like hurry the fuck up god i’m just depressed and angry and i guess now it’s time to surrender the rest of my day to yet more sleep


my adviser is really attractive and i think he doesn’t realize that he’s attractive so he just stares into your eyes iwth this really blank face and now i have his class for a full year god fuckign—